How to build Corona safe homes?

07/09/2020 Smart Homes

Larger Homes with dedicated office space

As working from home seems possible it will be very likely to have a dedicated small room for Office space where one can work peacefully

Large spaces & parks

The demand for Larger space within the building will increase, larger lobbies, larger lifts, larger walkways, larger parks likely to increase after the Corona pandemic, large parks will make sure that kids are playing as apart as possible.

Smart homes

Homes need to be smart enough to handle voice and gesture commands, we might see increased used of Alexa and Google Smart homes to start with.

A balcony

Who does not love to see Sunrise and Sunset, and if one has to avoid going out, sitting in the Balcony is a great idea.

More Master bedrooms

More master bedrooms with attached toilet and bathroom to enable social distancing or enabling need for isolation if needed.

Smart Amenities

Every amenities has to be as smart as possible, voice and gesture-enabled amenities are the next big things.

Safe A/C

Every project if having Central A/C needs to make sure enough measures taken to filter out bacteria and viruses.

Bunglows and Individual Homes and Farm-houses

Those who can afford are likely to think on these individual private spaces for living or at least to stay in case of pandemic situations, these homes will definitely safer as you can control things much better way instead of staying in a high rise building

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